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Posted by David A. Wright on September 05, 2002 at 10:27:48:

In Reply to: Echo Canyon - Funeral Mtn. Range, Death Valley posted by J.C. from Long Beach, CA. on September 04, 2002 at 14:53:52:

Hmmm ... seems to be some anger in one of these replies.

I'm no "expert." I have been on each end of the road. What I say here gives my observations at the time of travel, and is no "expert advice" on what you will find today. Ask at the DV visitor center before trying. Pick up a copy of THE EXPLORER'S GUIDE TO DEATH VALLEY NATIONAL PARK for a mile by mile description of the road.

Echo Canyon from CA190 to Inyo Mine is generally in good condition. A 4x4 is required to traverse one short spot at the canyon mouth that will chassis flex and lift axles, but no problem for a 4x4. I've driven the road across the saddle from the Inyo Mine and into the north fork of Echo Canyon, which was in good shape at the time. I walked down to the true Schwab ghost town site and did not proceed further.

On the other side, the road up from Amargosa Valley to Lee ghost town site is rocky and slow going, but no problem for a 4x4. Beyond Lee, the road enters a wide canyon wash for a couple miles, then turns suddenly into a narrow slot. I parked here and walked to the crest of the Funeral Range and into the head of Echo Canyon to Echo ghost town site. At the narrow slot, the "road" traversed some difficult bedrock falls. A 4x4 with winch and locking differential would be advised. Beyond that obsticle, the road was in good shape for the rest of my walk. There were fairly fresh tire tracks over the road, indicating travel is possible.

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