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Posted by Old Fart on August 14, 2002 at 19:36:52:

In Reply to: Possibility of people using board to plug their business posted by hank jr on August 13, 2002 at 21:47:38:

Hi there Hank, I enjoy the comments found on the site and stay out of them most of the time with my sometimes one sided opinions. This comment is worth responding to. Hank you are correct in my opinion. I pay to have to pay to keep this site up and operational (with most of the help and time and money from Randy and Kyra Banis, our webmaster) and want it to be used by persons interested in Death Valley in some way. I do not feel that I should help support someone else's business efforts when they don't even ask, much less pay for. Oh well, what the hey. I just hope most of you enjoy the board and I think Randy deserves a big rah! rah! from all of us.

By the way. The banner ads on this site are as follows
1. Dow Villa motel - Nice people who will take proper care of those we may refer there, either entering or leaving Death Valley. They pay nothing except friendship and good competition
2. Lee's Frontier - open all the time and free coffee 24 hours. Helps people into and out of Death Valley due to his long hours and general hospitality. He is alway good for a touch of that good coffee. Lee pays nothing. To valued a competitor and friend
3. Miller Towing - more people leave Death Valley National Park following close behind Mr Miller. Good people and very dependable for our Death Valley visitors. Gives me a pretty good deal on my truck repairs but otherwise he pays nothing.
4. - Good source for anything ever printed about Death Valley and some of its pioneers. Just received a check for the last 6 months from them (I get a commission) It was $43.67.
5. Death Valley 49er's - Need I explain this link? Great people doing good things for the park. All of you who love Death Valley should join. It is about $20.00 or so for a year and you money is put to good use for scholarships, monuments, historical record, etc.

My point in all this gibberish is: This site is open to all who wish to visit. I hope we can stick primarily to our mutual interest in this beautiful, fascinating place but I guess we will just have to tolerate the unwanted intrusions from time to time. Dont buy there. Maybe then they will listen.

Do patronize the people who have banner ads on this site. They are all connected with and supportive of Death Valley and its visitors. Thanks and sorry for so much wind.


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