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Posted by Last Chance Rand on August 14, 2002 at 17:15:50:

In Reply to: Re: A story about "airing up" for offroading... posted by dvScotty on August 14, 2002 at 15:54:51:

Hi Scotty -
I guess my point is that tires that come standard on nearly all SUV's and many light trucks are primarily designed for highway comfort and only very occasional use on mild dirt roads.

Although I have had exceptional luck with BFG's, both the muds and AT's, I believe that any of the offroad tires that are regularly sold or advertised in, say, 4WD & Offroad magazine, will out-perform and out-last stock SUV tires when in the desert backcountry.

Many off-highway drivers will recommend BFG's, but Goodyear has a new Wrangler that is really beefy, and ProComp's new tires are receiving very good reviews.

As for sidewalls, they are an archilles heel, no matter what. Not only are sidewall punctures considered road hazards and not repairable or replacable under regular factory warranty, but they can be easily caused by sharp rocks, sudden impacts, and even mere sticks and twigs.

As for BFG's being good for sidewall protection, well, they may be among the best of tire brands, but if you do get a flat on a BFG it is probably on the sidewall. And I think some would agree that this is the case with many other quality brands as well.

I have read some folk's comments on this board that they believe that BFG's only problem is their sidewalls, and they are experimenting with other brands to find better sidewall protection. Perhaps other readers can suggest alternatives here?

In addition to aiding traction, I believe that airing down while offroad also improves tire flex and will reduce the risk of sidewall damage.

Bottom line: just say "no" to stock tires.

PS - My 2002 pickup has standard Goodyear Wranglers and I blew a sidewall on its first day of offroading. I'm anxious to finish wearing out the remaining Goodyear's so I can put on some BFG's. In the meantime, it says on mild dirt roads like Titus, while I use the BFG-equiped Rover for the rest of the backcountry.

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