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Posted by Ooooooo!!!! on August 08, 2002 at 12:03:44:

In Reply to: Haunts posted by RG on August 07, 2002 at 22:46:55:

Barker Ranch has a few hanging around; however, they are all spaced-out and harmless. One stays in the little nook next to the fireplace and keeps knocking the books off the shelf in the middle of the night. The others usually stay on the hill behind the main house sitting on the two chairs. You constantly feel their breath on the back of your neck if you're up there - especially after a couple of bong hits. There is a mean one up the road at Myers Ranch. He got burned when the house was torched, so he harasses anyone that comes around. The Briggs Cabin yard is the playground for a family of ghosts that actually live in the junk between the two cabins. They keep chipping away at the edge of the cliff west of the bridge, and howl at the moon during the night. Cottonwood Canyon has a gang of ghosts that roam up and down the cut, scaring anyone that is hiking in the area. Palm Spring has a few, but they keep getting scared away by fat-and-uglies that won't keep their clothes on. There is a dead ice hockey team living at the racetrack. They play with the rocks when nobody's looking. The group living up Wildrose Canyon spend most of their time cutting cross-grooves on the dirt road up to the Charcoal Kilns. You can hear them laughing at you everytime you rattle past. Panamint Springs has a bunch of ghosts, they're just not dead yet....

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