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Posted by David A. Wright on August 05, 2002 at 22:15:46:

In Reply to: Smoke in Owens Valley posted by Goody2shz on August 05, 2002 at 14:38:36:

Clear at my Big Pine home Sunday morning. What a relief. Hazed up a bit in the afternoon and evening, but not too bad. Still enjoyed my evening relaxation in the swing hung from my back tree and the unobstructed view of the Sierra.

Today dawned fairly clear. Coming home from Bishop later in the morning, it was clear in Bishop, but an obvious haze coming northward. A while ago (about 6pm) I went outside because I noticed the smell of smoke coming in through the cooler. It appeared that my home was on the western edge of the smoke cloud. The view east was totally obstructed, I could not see all the way down the road and into town. The view north to some trees across the pasture was obviously dimmed by the smoke. The Sierra was still visible as well as the topographic features. The gloom of smoke in the sky was directly above - west was blue, my house and east was brown.

It's still that way (8:18pm), but when evening breezes die later tonight I suppose the valley will become engulfed again in heavy smoke.

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