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Posted by Gene Rubin on August 02, 2002 at 11:50:20:

In Reply to: dune buggies & cabins posted by Jessica on July 30, 2002 at 13:55:35:

the geologist's cabin has a view that not even Bill Gates could afford. There is water a couple of hundred feet away, flowing out of a small pipe. At this time of year the temps are around 90 degrees, 4,000 ft elevation. Leave you itinerary with a reliable friend and approach and leave from the DV (east) side and you'll do fine. Even a VW bug, completely stock would make it in that direction, carefully driven. I wouldn't do Goler Wash, up or down, in anything less than a good 4wd especially as a neophite and alone at that! Assuming this is an aircooled VW motor, check the battery, fan belt!, tire pressures and valve lash. VW TypeI motors love to loose their fuel pumps in the worst places. I always had a spare with me, probably only costs $20 or so. Put one on before you go. Hey, and don't forget a jack and a lug wrench. A couple of quarts of oil might come in handy. And whatever you do, here is the MOST IMPORTANT PART: Your camera.

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