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Posted by The Tan Drifter on July 16, 2002 at 13:45:05:

In Reply to: Re: Drifter ???? posted by Goody2shz on July 16, 2002 at 13:16:02:

I only went to the valley floor once and at that it was 123 degrees. The Land Cruiser, amazedly, did not over heat. I kept it at 55mph (very slow for me). In fact, going up Warm Springs Canyon from the valley floor the temperature needle only move to the center of the gauge. (At Striped Butte it was 105 at 3:45PM.) Usually I run right above the low line. I am thinking this may have to do with how I always have the radiator flushed out and new hoses and belt installed all around – regardless - each May. You know, that permian dioxide can play havoc on fan blades and belts. Better be safe then sorry.

At the Briggs Cabin, it never got past 93 degrees and a few nights, it fell to below 65 degrees. I even got three of four brief thundershowers there. That was nice and a real treat. Up in the high country (Middle Park), it was only 87 at 1:30PM. Basically, for every Alaskan Amber consumed, I followed it with a bottle of water. The same ratio for my Jack D. and coke (Thanks Ed L.) mixed drink.

The Argus Range was hot and stayed hot. Just drink a lot of water and stayed away from soda, beer, and my Jack Daniels (Whiskey). I think the nighttime low there was 79 degrees with the daytime temperatures averaging around 105-110. Both the Ranger and I drink over 2 gallons of water each, each day there. The hike over the Argus Range was brutal, but ok. Again – rested as needed and drank plenty of water.

Darwin was awesome and I hiked (butt naked) from the bottom (111 degrees) to the top, China Garden Spring (105 degrees). I camped at the upper springs (87 degrees in the middle of the afternoon) with the evening dropping down to 69 degrees. This was a very nice hike and a great way to end my 10 voyage to Death Valley.

I hope this helps…

The Drifter (Brown All Over)…

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