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Posted by Dezdan on July 11, 2002 at 16:50:25:

In Reply to: Board complexity (revisited) posted by a curious message board reader on July 11, 2002 at 15:41:50:

For what it is worth, this style of board is used in many places on the web and is a product of Matt's Script Archive. This version of board (2.0 ALPHA 2.1 Released: January 7, 2000) is the newer updated version from the previous versions produced. Just about all message boards running this new version are having the same problem of keeping the messages in order of reply. I myself ran this style of board on a site I was webmastering for and had the exact same problem. I have contacted Matt's Script Archive on several occasions and told them about the problem and asked if they would produce a patch for it or something similar. To date (more then a year later) I have yet to receive a reply to my questions. In order to fix the problem one would have to hire a person very familiar with Perl and Cgi to go through all of the code, line by line in order to determine and find the problem.

As for, I see that their message board is in shtml instead of the html, so I am not sure if their board was received from MSA or another Internet Programming Service. If it was received by a Internet Programming Service I would suggest that they contact the seller and advise them of the problem and ask for a fix. If it was received from MSA I would suggest writing them and ask them what is going on with the current release...

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