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Posted by Avalon on July 05, 2002 at 20:17:06:

In Reply to: Boxer's bill, scary posted by maddog_bill on July 04, 2002 at 18:53:23:

Boxer seems to have a need to have a large percentage of California closed to everyone so that future generations may enjoy these closed area's in their "pristine, non disturbed environment" what an oxymoron! How can one enjoy something that is inaccessable. I'm sorry, I forgot. I trade in my pollutin' Jeep for a horse (WHICH ISN'T LISTED AS ENDANGERED) I'll saddle up my horse and load the burro (oops, endangered species), I mean ass (oops, polictically incorrect), I mean mule with 100 gallons of water and trod out to these areas with my "20 mule team" pooper scooper in tow so that the pristine wilderness of Boxer won't become soiled WHEN THE HORSE AND BURRO GO! because I don't want to end up being arrested for some act under epa guidelines which addresses the proper way to dispose of animal dung and other crazy laws which I have no knowledge of... and then be arrested and sentenced in "community court" to take an inventory of some newly designated "endangered species" (sensitivity training) in one of Boxers "off-limits to humans" area's such as Surprise canyon.
P.S. I thought Connecticut Pols were bad but I believe California takes the Cake with Boxer(and don't forget Feinstien). I wonder, in reality, how many of these areas she has visited and I wonder how 15,000,000 plus voters let her get away with this usurpation of power year after year. Does anyone believe that she is deriving her just powers from the consent of the governed. My belief is that the majority or people are having the wool pulled over their eyes, (the facts and truth are well hidden by polictical rhetoric disguised as the "saving grace". I also believe that if thes voters woke up and learned the truth of her agenda she would be out of office quickly. Instead she is getting extrmely wealthy in the process(if not now then when she is finally out of office) and most likely laughing all the way to the bank muttering what fools the public comprises of. Try to tell Boxer that Public lands are for the public to enjoy. Not for them to be locked out of. They are not for the power hungry elected official to declare off-limits except for the "priveledged few" to enjoy and of course transfer Tax Payers money into the hands of a few new bureaucratic positions created to thus manage the additions. Being from Connecticut I understand why some folks call California "The People's Republic of California". I love all of CA and especially the desert regions but something is afoot and the creeping incrementalism I have witnessed over the past 25 years is turning into a "formula one steam roller". It's time to Stand up to Boxer and her cronies and in no uncertain terms have her hear the truth: That she benefits not the public at large but only herself in the most destructive of ways. This madness must stop before California goes the way of Nevada (land-wise). Eventually we will only be able to enjoy DV etc. by watching old home movies or viewing pictures deemed "appropriate" by some bureaucrat who doesn't even know where DV is.

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