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Posted by Arkose on July 02, 2002 at 20:03:54:

In Reply to: Right Of Way Etiquette posted by newbie to 4x4 on July 02, 2002 at 13:08:45:

I agree w/Dave - BACK UP HILL NOT the norm. The person(s) climbing a grade is most always responsible for determining if there is adequate clearance of potential traffic (turnouts of coarse take mention). Backing up is a disadvantage to travel and this is the basis for the rule...

But more importantantly, this brings up a BIGGER RULE for off-roading... TAKE YOUR TIME AND THINK ABOUT WHAT MAY HAPPEN DOWN THE ROAD. I'm sorry but I'm sick of people blazing around the outback with the mindset that they are the only one out there! We're supposed to be having fun, but there are some common sense rules that ALL! must obey.

We always stop and scout unviewable sections of new (and old) trails we encounter, THIS is common sense! It has (on numerable occasions) kept us from ending up upside down, fender to fender, and other mishaps time and time again.

Rant over, and like Dave watch out for the white Toyota PU... We'll be watching out for you!

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