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Posted by PAUL on May 31, 2002 at 10:19:25:

In Reply to: Re: A philosophical question... posted by curt on May 22, 2002 at 00:01:35:

I have been a regular on both board for many years. Old timers know that I love a good argument. Right Dave? But, I've been on vacation. The hypocrisy of REP's and DEMO's erodes environmental leadership. Both parties say one thing, and then do another. I don't worry about people lib or con which visit this board, cus I think that we all equally love the land. It is the 2% of the population which scares the hell out of me. The 4x4er who does donuts on the playa, or the backpacker who shits without a cathole. Responsible use according to the tenets of trend lightly is the key. In terms of species going extinct... Please look at photos from the HUBBLE telescope and realize how unimportant humans are in time and space. The success of our species is going to be judged on how long we make it. And so far human civilization is grain of sand on a very large beach. I recommend reading a little Stephen J Gould, may he rest in peace, or Edward O Wilson to understand the impact of human industrialization on the planet. If we burn up our resources and do not conserve, human beings will be a silly footnote in the history of the universe. Well, that's it for now. If you don't like my message, BESA MI CULU! MENDO PAUL

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