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Posted by Last Chance Rand on May 26, 2002 at 21:07:43:

In Reply to: Telescope Peak/ Butte Valley/ Eureka Valley (whoops - try again!) posted by The Desert Dryad on May 24, 2002 at 00:29:30:

We missed you by only a night or two, as we also just enjoyed a rewarding two-nights stay at the Geo Cabin in Butte Valley.

Saw some of the burros that you saw, as well as a coyote joining them at the watering hole at the same time! Watched the burros keep the ravens away from the water, and watched the two or three tree-purched raptors catch bats at dusk, as well as swoop the ravens whenever they approached the water. I guess EVERYONE hates the ravens...

Saw a horny toad way out north of Gold Hill, which adapted a pink hue to match the color of scree and desert pavement.

Enjoyed it when the sun set and all those big, black carpenter bees finally returned to their nests in the awenings of the roof. Although they demonstrate no interest in you whatsoever, they zoom by at head-level when you are sitting in a folding chair, and sometimes miss your nose by only inches...and at 40 knots!

In the evening and with our nightscope we could clearly see dozens of cottontails gathered feeding at the edge of the grassy spring. Without the scope the bunnies were surprisingly invisible to the eye, even under a near full moon.

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