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Posted by curt on May 23, 2002 at 01:34:35:

In Reply to: A few points... posted by hank jr on May 22, 2002 at 17:45:23:

Since youíre a betting man, can you to name one environmental act that has come down the pipes from Georgeís office in the last year that hasnít benefited development and expanded and accelerated resource extraction? Grazing, Mining, Timber, Waste storage and incineration, and other Commercial and Residential Developments. Look who takes the most money from all the biggest corporations or industries that gobble up wilderness. These industries overwhelmingly fund Republicans over Democrats and I donít need to tell you about how money works in politics. Not that the Democrats wonít take money from wherever it comes. I was hoping that a discussion of California's dwindling wilderness areas wouldnít get stuck in a pointless partisan debate.

On the other hand, if youíre in favor of opening up more land to development thatís fine, just donít say that you are trying to protect the land by doing it. Thatís starting to look too much like a Chevron commercial with their Ďpeople doí tagline. So, as I understand your post, you believe that stripping Death Valley of protected status and letting in industry, the parks will decrease in their popularity, and thus be altogether better ecosystems. On that note, Iím going to sign off for a while. Thanks for letting me into your world. A place where the Republicans are the true environmentalists and the Sierra Club wants to see our beautiful land and precious resources trashed forever. (?)

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