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Posted by curt on May 22, 2002 at 00:01:35:

In Reply to: A philosophical question... posted by hank jr on May 21, 2002 at 20:33:22:

“Who needs dwindling habitats, a depletion of resources, and threatened species and habitats more: the Sierra Club or conservative off highway user groups. Obviously, the Sierra Club. Everytime one of these unfortunate things happens, even if it has more to with people "leaving only footprints" ( such as the depletion of cryptobiotic soils in Utah) it gives radical groups a chance to close off more land and create new National Parks, which attract tourists, with the facade of saving endangered land.”

Response: Like most social and environmental issues this is not an ‘either or’ proposition. The fundamental question is how much untrammeled wilderness we wish to pass on to the next several generations. I’m glad to hear that you do believe that habitats are dwindling. Many individuals contest this most basic fact. In my experience, roads equal access and access brings impact. I’m sure that the readers of this message board are more responsible that the typical weekend warrior, but I’ve seen more erosion, roadside junk and trashed out campsites, complete with shotgun shells and car camp detritus, than anyplace off road. This issue of road closure is not about who gets to enjoy the wilderness. It’s about placing the health and integrity of these bio-regions above harmful human practices.

“Next question, who is more qualified to know about public land in their backyard, the average resident of Lone Pine, Ridgecrest, Mojave California, Elko Nevada, Pinedale Wyoming ( most are conservative) or a liberal who lives in an apartment in Berkeley?
Also, if liberals knew so much about the environment, then how come the democrat controlled state assembly, state senate, and good ol Governor Davis can't fix the air quality in our cities such as L.A.? Why have the democrats, who have had the majority in California for the last fifty years, failed to do anything? I guess the real problems are all those cowboys in northern California with their lifted trucks, the creation of 100 new California powerplants in the last 10 years, and just not enough reliance on solar energy in our central valley, where it's foggy all winter, and rained the last two days in the end of May... “

Response: Are you suggesting that a Republican dominated government would fare better for the environment?
The smog didn’t come from the Democrats or the Republicans . Smog in LA comes in great part from 10 million people living in a car dominated landscape plus score of polluting industries. Did you get the gist of Cheney’s Energy Plan? More oil and coal, less emission controls, more local oil exploration. Conservation was relegated to a “good personal virtue”. As to local authority of land use, are you suggesting that we let the individuals or corporations have the LIBERTY AND FREEDOM to do as they please so long as they live nearby?

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