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Posted by Harold Ericsson on May 06, 2002 at 12:36:29:

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In the idiosyncratic--to put it mildly--book, The Great Understander, there is a passage that says that the "charcoal camp" was about fifteen miles from Darwin. The Charcoal Kilns in Wildrose Canyon are about 25 miles from Darwin as the traditional crow flies. On the other hand, there is passage in the same book that indicates a trip down a mountain and then up to the Modock Mine which would seem to favor the location of the charcoal camp in Wildrose. In another passage in the book a general store is mentioned at the site of the charcoal camp and a work force of 300 men. Three hundred men seems a high number, but the author seems to always prefer the larger number to the small
Among other things, The Great Understander is full of chapters, 314, to be exact. One is, Looking for Buzzards. Here is the first paragraph of that chapter: "During the time that I had the Saloon in Lookout, I was doing many other things.I left anyone to run it, while I went away on business, or into some other kind of racket. My main occupation was to sit or stand, out on the point of Lookout hill, with a pair of strong glasses and gaze up and down the Panamint Valley to watch for buzzards. Whenever I saw a flock of them, I know there must be someone or something dead. Sometimes there were as many as twenty or thirty in a flock; they circled round and round, and then settled down upon the ground for a while and then, all at once, rose and circled again. This meant that they were feeding. I often took a friend with me; we would saddle our horses, take a canteen of water or a quart of whisky and a large sponge, also a pick and shovel and strike out. I have found and helped bury at least a dozen men in and about Panamint Valley."
Note, "take a canteen of water OR a quart of whisky." And, since the poor soul about to be rescued is assumed to be dead, the whiskey must be for those rushing to the rescue. High times in the Panamint Valley.

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