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Posted by Anonymous on April 24, 2002 at 18:16:56:

In Reply to: Answer to Tire Question... posted by Dezdan on April 23, 2002 at 18:54:53:

I want all of my constituents to know that I do not in anyway endorse the capricious statements of Mr. Dezdan, nor do I endorse misappropriation or molestation of protected burrow poop or any other protected feces or ecologically-sanctified excretions, emanations or emissions heretofore unnamed. I would like to further point out to my supporter(s) that that picture he posted of me isn't even really me! Careful observation by an astute computer-user-person will clearly reveal that my head has been cleverly pasted onto the DVTRD Beetle's body by a trained, skilled and highly technical person. A true craftsman, if you will.

I beg my constituents and the good folks at the Center for Burrow Poop to disregard such wreckless statements for they folly that they are.


P.S. And yes, those good-for-nothing grade-school hooligans should get off their arses and do their own gol' durned homework!

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