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Posted by The Desert Dryad on April 22, 2002 at 18:50:33:

In Reply to: arizona wheelin posted by sas on April 22, 2002 at 18:15:29:

*Tucson*, eh?? Well, I'll de darned :) That's where I was!

I went on a little 'Tacoma party' wherein which we
were trying to get to the Coke Ovens, on some absurd
route, and never made it.. did have fun trying, though.
"Swam' the Gila river up to the top of the wheelwells;
that was .. 'exciting'.

I did a really cool trip to the Sibley mansion near
Copper Creek, the ghost town.. that's in that neighborhood,
too. Quite a little crevasse creep to get down to
the mansion ruins; very cool. Needed the rear locker
to get back out! A bit of 'three wheeling'.

The Terminator, eh? Oooo, that's hardcore :)

I'm honestly (duh) not sure what type of rear locker
I have; I beleive it's 'hard' - this is what Toyota
puts on the "TRD" badged Tacomas (though I don't have the
full package, I bought this particular truck because it did have the

I'm not looking for a real serious challenge on this trip;
I'm too 'rusty' with wheeling, and I'd rather do the
really tough stuff with a small group. The
scenery is the thing for now!

Is that picture of Art's really the baddest Mengel has to offer?
If so, I'm not worried, now ...

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