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Posted by Dezdan on April 21, 2002 at 16:46:50:

In Reply to: Goler Wash posted by Lara on April 21, 2002 at 13:51:08:


If you are talking about the spring by/near the first cabin (can't remember the name of it for the life of me). If it is, I am sure it runs year around as I have been by there in mid August and seen it running. "But that road along the lake is horrid" Ah, Wingate is wash-boarded eh? As Joel about one of his turn signal lights falling off because of  As for the water in Panamint Dry lake, there is a small spring area right next to Ballarat, but it does not contribute to much. You were correct as most of the water comes from storm run off from the canyons above. A word of warning, after it rains, hold your nose as you drive along the lake! As the water flows from the canyons above it collects all types of plant material and little critters that could not make it out of the way in time. After a day or two in the water with the sun shining down, everything begins to rot, and boy if you have a weak stomach, you better be carrying a barf bag!


BTW- At the Warm Springs Confluence, is Joel wearing a life vest?

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