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Posted by Juanderer on March 26, 2002 at 12:21:20:

In Reply to: Re: Re-Opening Closed Routes posted by Dezdan on March 25, 2002 at 20:27:13:

Z and Dezdan: My error. I think these coordinates are right on: (1) Bunker facility in S. Panimint Valley just W. of Wingate Pass - W117 06'12" N35 43'30"; (2) Ground target area in Wingate Wash just E. of Wingate Pass - W117 02'11" N35 44'45"; (3) Ground target area in Pilot Knob Valley where S. Panimint Valley terminates - W117 02'27" N35 34'49"; and (4) Electronic Warfare Transceiving Facility in S. Pilot Knob Valley N. of Cuddyback Lake - W117 22'25" N35 24'04". I want to clarify that my personal observations have been within the past two years, and that the "leach ponds" I mentioned may very well be evaporation ponds or even open dump sites. I never accused the Navy of dumping toxic waste on its ranges; however, it is clear that the Navy has not been enviornmentally responsible by clearing the destroyed targets (which range from towed drones which are shot down by air-to-air fire to obsolete military aircraft parked at the facilities and bombed and straffed to old military ground vehicles used for the same purposes). Also, the debris and unexploded ordinance is usually left where it lies. The "toxics" I refer to are the after effects of the Navy's ordinance testing. If you are interested in seeing an example for yourself, you can drive right up to a site located on the Ft. Irwin bombing range near Leach Lake (again, just immediately S. of DVNP's southern boundry).
Find Harry Wade Road in S. DVNP and take it to Owl's Hole Road leading W. towards the AT&T microwave facility. Just past Owl Spring, the public road intersects with an access road leading down to Leach Lake. Less than 1/2 mile from Owl's Hole Road is dump with tons of exploded/unexploded ordinance and Armored Transport Carriers that have seen better days. - just rotting in the sun. Again, my point is that the federal government won't hesitate to use enviornmental issues to justify denying the public's access to our land, but will pollute and leave a mess within a few miles of their so-called "Wildneress" areas.

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