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Posted by Dezdan on March 25, 2002 at 20:27:13:

In Reply to: Re: Re-Opening Closed Routes posted by Juanderer on March 24, 2002 at 13:05:16:


You may want to recheck your coordinates! What Datum are you using? Cause it may just be me, but I plugged in your cord to 3 different programs, and they are all way off from what you say.

"A ground target facility with tons of destroyed aircraft fuselage and ground vehicles within Wingate Wash just South of DVNP (W 117.650 N 35.430)"
These Coord's put you about a mile and a quarter east of Hwy 395 where the Railroad tracks from Trona cross. (Outside of China Lake)

"A large bunker facility with a dry leach pond in Southern Panimint Valley (W 117.250 N 35.430)"
These Coord's put you near Poilt Knob, not near the Southern end of Panamint Valley.

"Another ground target facility in Pilot Knob Valley with tons of wreckage strewn from that point East to the Randsburg Wash Range boundry (W 117.300 N 35.350)"
Puts you near Grass Valley, nothing but open desert and bushes.

 "Leach ponds adjacent to the Electronic Warfare Transceiving Facility in Southern Pilot Knob Valley (W 117.225 N 35.240)"
These Coord's put you in the southern end of Grass Valley (Outside of China Lake).

 Also your Coord's for Robbers Mtn. "(W 117.115 N 35.285)" are about 13 miles SE off of the actual point, and your coord's for Eagle Crags "(W 117.350 N 35.240)" are about 20 miles SW of the actual point. I double check everything twice and switched datum's many times, but I still ended up with the same results. I would love to see what you are talking about, so could you check your coords and repost them?



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