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Posted by Juanderer on March 24, 2002 at 13:05:16:

In Reply to: Re: Re-Opening Closed Routes posted by Striker_Z on March 23, 2002 at 15:08:01:

Z: "The proof is in the pudding". Unclassified aerial photgraphy, or even available sat images have insufficient detail be reliable. On the other hand; however, I have personally seen the following suspicious sites - either with field glasses from a nearby ridge on public land, or from the air at low altitude just outside the restricted airspace and within Class G airspace: (1) A ground target facility with tons of destroyed aircraft fuselage and ground vehicles within Wingate Wash just South of DVNP (W 117.650 N 35.430), (2) A large bunker facility with a dry leach pond in Southern Panimint Valley (W 117.250 N 35.430), (3) Another ground target facility in Pilot Knob Valley with tons of wreckage strewn from that point East to the Randsburg Wash Range boundry (W 117.300 N 35.350), (4) Leach ponds adjacent to the Electronic Warfare Transceiving Facility in Southern Pilot Knob Valley (W 117.225 N 35.240). Additionally, based upon personal observations during Navy maneuvers within the Southern Ranges of China Lake, the area of the Eastern Black Mountains between Robbers Mtn. (W 117.115 N 35.285) and Eagle Crags (W 117.350 N 35.240)is suspicious. As far as China Lake itself and the North Ranges, there is plenty of public EPA documentation on file to prove the enviornmental cleanup problems they are having there. Getting back to the original subject of public vehicle route closures in the name of enviornmental concerns, my point stands. It is shameful how our federal bureaucracy turns the cheek to its own dirty laundry while imposing unconstitutional bans on our inalienable rights.
The enviornmentalists are duped into being the government's patsies to champion alleged enviornmental issues so as to allow rampant and unchecked denial to its citizens. Now, Striker Z, while you have been so engrossed in this subject, you didn't notice your fuel pressure warning light blinking and now it's too late; you are about to experience a flame-out in an inverted attitude and will soon be just a lawn dart. Be sure to pick yourself some daisies as you auger in.......

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