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Posted by David A. Wright on February 25, 2002 at 00:11:37:

In Reply to: One for the astronomically (Telescope) minded posted by Andy R. on February 24, 2002 at 00:41:40:

Your horizon requirements are hard to fulfill in this land of basin and range. But ...


Panamint Valley. There should be less light pollution from Las Vegas than in the eastern areas (the glow of the lights of Las Vegas can be seen most nights throughout the Death Valley region, even in Trona and the southern Owens Valley). I would suggest the northern end of the valley to get away from the lights at C.R. Briggs gold mine in the southern part, which are visible throughout the valley. A good spot would be to set up on the dry lake a couple of miles south of CA190 on Panamint Valley Road (the road signed for Trona). You will, however, be surrounded by mountains - the Argus Range on the west, Hunter Mountain on the north and the Panamint Range on the east.

Sarcobatus Flat. Try accessing via Scotty's Castle on the road heading northeast to US95. This site, especially if you travel out a few miles into the flat away from the Grapevine Range, should give you considerably more horizon and less light pollution. This spot would likely take more than an hour (though not much), but I believe this would be the best spot for nighttime viewing.

Amargosa Valley. Travel north from Death Valley Junction into Nevada, then east into the heart of Ash Meadows. BLM has a number of recreation sites scattered within the region. The valley is wide and open. There may be considerable light polution from Las Vegas, however, which is on the other side of the Spring Mountain Range on the east side of the Ash Meadows region.

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