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Posted by Lara on February 08, 2002 at 16:17:18:

In Reply to: Re: Fixing up the car for the desert posted by SteveS on February 08, 2002 at 11:04:05:

Wow, such great suggestions! I am going to try to address all the comments in one message instead of a bunch of little ones:

thanks to all that suggested the NATO gas cans. I shall do that. Not sure where or how to carry them. After reading the info that everyone suggested, I am thinking of the outside mounts - will probably have to have special ones constructed for the Tracker. Her spare tire is mounted to the rear door. Maybe move that to the roof and mount can-holders to the back door.

As for good tires. Did that last year! Bought the biggest baddest ones that would go on the little car Yokahamas. One size larger than normal for a little extra clearance. These are the most heavy duty tires I could buy for the car. (she is limited it seems) Spendy but worth it.

Althought I promptly put a hole in the sidewall the first off road trek I went on. sigh. Surprise Tank in the Rodmans has not been kind to me. Not even a bad road but somehow I find the one pointy rock out there to ruin a tire. Worked out a deal with the dealer and split the wholesale price of a new tire as the dang thing was pratically brand new.

Still think extra spare tires are a good idea. :-)

Hi-lift jack - another good suggestion and I shall check into that too.

from steve:

>>Is your tracker 4 wheel drive?

A tracker should work OK since it light, but you need to keep it that way. Don't load it down with stuff (people, gear, etc.)<<

yes, the tracker is 4 wheel drive. I figure a certain amount of gear is neccessary! And since I took out the back seat only one person can ride with me. I do like a traveling companion to share the joy of the desert. I think the Tracker is so light extra gear and one person shouldn't make it too heavy.

One time when the noisy thing that tells you you have left your lights on wasn't working, the battery died near Lavic Lake. I pushed the car up a little hill and then popped the clutch to start it on the downhill coast. She doesn't weigh much.

Thanks for Harry's info. A great site!

Cat Scan:

I have Mitchells' book - that is what got me started on looking at new vehicles in the first place. The Tracker has been good enough for most drives but I too do not like to turn around just because I am low on gas.

the comment on closed roads - ah, don't even get me started on that one. Just irks me big time. Bush is going to drill for oil and gas in protected areas but heaven forbid if we pick up a rock or drive on a road that has been there forever. The logic escapes me.

Super idea about reading 4 wheel magazines! A bigger tank would be cool. I'll check that out also.

CB radio....added that to my long list as well as a fire extinguisher. Excellent suggestions guys!

A camera...always there. It is permenantly attached to me. Always one or two or three in the car at all times.

Thanks again everyone. Off to buy a magazine and read more of Harry's website.

Thanks Steve for the photo kudos. Where did you see the pics -


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