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Road Grader Operator Chuck Caha
Posted by Panamint Charlie on 20:12:45 09/25/13

Death Valley National Park (CA)
Death Of Park Employee Chuck Caha

Park employee Charles (Chuck) Caha died at Death Valley on Thursday, September 19th.

Chuck worked with the roads and trails crew as a heavy equipment operator. He was grading West Side Road, repairing flood damaged areas, and did not return at the end of the day to the maintenance complex. Late on Thursday afternoon, Chuck was found by his coworkers unresponsive on West Side Road.

Chuck, 64, had worked at the park since 2009 and was highly respected for his assistance to the roads and trails program. He is greatly missed by his National Park Service family. Prior to his dedication to the NPS, he worked in the Pahrump, Nevada, area for construction companies and as a small business owner. He leaves behind his wife, family and friends.

In honor of Charles Caha, Pacific West Regional Director Chris Lehnertz has authorized the lowering of U.S. flags at National Park Service sites throughout Pacific West Region beginning Monday, September 23rd, and remaining at half staff for 48 hours, through sunset, Wednesday, September 25th. She also authorized the wearing of mourning bands on NPS badges through sunset on the day of interment.

We lost Death Valley National Park employee Chuck Caha, who died while working to provide visitor services and preserve our country s natural and cultural legacies, said Lehnertz. Chuck embodied the passionate and dedicated nature of National Park Service employees who dedicate their work to help people explore and experience our national parks. Our thoughts and prayers are with Chuck s family and the employees, volunteers and partners at Death Valley National Park as they work through this incredibly sad and difficult time.
[Submitted by Kathy Billings, Superintendent]

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