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Wild Horses and Burros
Posted by Badman from Bodie 64 on 00:19:15 03/29/13

So last Wednesday around 11PM I saw 3 Burros in the street in Trona. I guess somebody may be feeding them as they were in no hurry to move off the road. Maybe they are trying to get in a Blackturtle video. I am seeing them every trip to the Dez, DV,AZ, Laughlin, even in overcrowded Jawbone.
With the BLM already spending 50 million dollars per year just on food for the 50,000 in captivity, what is the answer??? They estimate there are 10,000 more wild now than the land can sustain. 7400 will be born this spring. There is no room to house more animals and they live 30 years. The economy has caused adoptions to halt.
Would it be wrong to use this resource to feed hungry people?? 50 million dollars could be better used to keep roads maintained and open, provide patrol so idiots dont steal artifacts and dump trash, and maybe go back to the 1970s where we had nice campgrounds. I was just at BLM campgrounds Wileys well and Corn springs. They are hammered and run down. I would like to see some of those dollars return to the people, not feed for penned animals. Open BLMs recent newsbytes article. They want to do birth control on wild horses.

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