Adopt-A-Cabin ...... Who and what are the Friends of Minnietta Cabin?

Posted by Queen of the Mojave Desert on 02:36:30 01/17/06

Who and what are the Friends of Minnietta Cabin?

The Friends of Minnietta Cabin (FOMC) is a group of individuals who came together in January of 1999 with the common interest of preserving and maintaining the Minnietta Cabin, an old abandoned cabin way out in the middle of the desert in Southern California.

***We do this in cooperation with, and under the authorization of, the Adopt-A-Cabin program of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in Ridgecrest***

The Minnietta is one of 32 cabins involved in the program. These cabins were originally mining cabins, squatters' homes, or old homesteads that have long been *****abandoned*****.

Currently, only a handful of the cabins have been adopted. There are still a number of "orphans." Basically, the BLM recruits people to "adopt" the orphan cabins, and the recruits agree to do clean up, repairs and general maintenance at their own pace and as their own schedules allow. No special skills or experience are needed -- just a willingness to work!

FOMC considers its work a labor of love. We truly enjoy what we do. We have grown from a group of individuals with a mutual interest to a dedicated band of loyal friends and desert explorers. We hope you enjoy your visit to our site. If you are interested in becoming involved with FOMC or the BLM Adopt-A-Cabin program, please feel free to e-mail We'd love to hear from you!

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